Return/Cancellation Policy

Once you place your order you cannot cancel your job. In the event of a job being printed incorrectly West End Print Shop will, at our discretion, reprint the job or issue a refund. In either case, the printing being credited may need to be returned before a reprint or refund can be processed. The West End Print Shop is under no obligation to replace or refund print found to be erroneous because of customer error.


Our printing process will group your job with others allowing overall production costs and expenses to be shared with other customers. West End Print Shop accepts no responsibility for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece achieved from the printing process. There may be a slight variation of color within the same color family throughout the order.

Product Size

Due to the cutting process with stack cutting jobs, your final product size may vary slightly.  Exact ordered size is not guaranteed.  Size may be between 1/8”-1/4” smaller than size ordered. It is advised that additional room (bleeds/margins) be added, to achieve a cut closest to desired outcome.


Gang run policy includes a 10% allowance over or under on print runs.  This means you may receive 10% more or less than the quantity ordered for gang run printing. More often there is a surplus rather than a deficit, it is however possible that this 10% allowance is under.

Turnaround Times
Product turnaround times displayed are estimates only.  Turnaround times may vary due to production or press issues. Generally every effort is made to ensure all orders adhere to specified turnaround times.


For Print Products that offer next day production option, the order MUST be received before 10:00 AM ET on a working day to be ready the NEXT Working Day. For BUSINESS CARDS & POST CARDS the order MUST be received before 12:00PM ET on a working day to be ready the NEXT Working Day.


Order MUST be received before 3:00 PM ET, otherwise it will be delayed an extra day.


Order MUST be received before 5:00 PM ET, otherwise it will be delayed an extra day.

Proofing & Submitted Designs

Proofing is the process whereby you have received a digital or physical piece of artwork and are asked to review said artwork for any errors before sending to print production. If you or your company’s representative has sent in artwork to be printed, we will assume that it has been proofed and made ready for printing with all appropriate margins and set to proper color code for print (cmyk). The West End Print Shop does take some precautions in giving files a cursory review to ensure the file is logical for the print options/selections chosen, i.e. ensuring that a file received by our staff, for a banner isn’t sized for a business card; that said, We offer no grantee that we will catch mistakes in designs sent to us. The West End Print Shop asks that files designed by you be print ready, with the correct margins and sized to the actual print size, fees will apply for resizing (Please check out our design support for tips and advice on creating print ready files) for files to be altered please submit a custom quote with editable files attached i.e. (.psd, .ai, .doc, .docx, .pub, .ppt, etc.) If a photo, pdf or any “flat” un-editable file is submitted for which changes are requested, you may be charged full design fees at $50 per hour.

Proofing & In-House Designs

The West End Print Shop asks that you review final proof(s) emailed/printed carefully. The West End Print Shop will not accept responsibility for errors that you fail to correct such as typographical errors, errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, graphics, fonts or content and anything that may have been inadvertently omitted. if your order has been approved, printed and a mistake is found that was overlooked during proofing, you must PAY IN FULL to reprint. If the error is caused by the West End Print Shop, we reserve the right to reprint your order or refund your full payment within 72 business hours. Projects not directly approved, will be PLACED ON HOLD until the artwork is approved.